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  • Natural Living Collagen Supplement Bundle 3 X 250g in Pouch2021

    Collagen Supplement Mix And Match Bundle | 3 X 250g

    Choose any 3 for R725,00 Sale!
  • Natural Living Pure Collagen Powder - 2 X 1kg2018

    Pure Collagen Loading Bundle | 2 X 1kg

    R1095,00 Sale!
  • Natural Living 3-in-1 Slim Mix in 250g Pouch2021

    3-in-1 Slim Mix | 250g

    R395,00 Sale!
  • Natural Living Breakfast Smoothie Apples, Omegas, Oats and Collagen - 250g - Front2020

    Collagen Breakfast Smoothie Mix | 250g

    R249,00 Sale!


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What our customers say

The 3-in-1 Slim Mix is an excellent product. Been using for 2 weeks and I have lost 3kilos. For me, it helps with water retention as well. I drink mine on an empty stomach when I wake up and it works for me. Will definitely buy again.

This pure collagen powder helped me recover quickly from a muscle injury and with overal joints pain (I am over 60).

I don’t have digestion problems since I started having the pure collagen and super greens mix in the mornings,

I have migrated away from all the expensive brands as this collagen boosting serum is awesome.